Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm kind of famous among my little group of friends for my discount shopping abilities. I'm the girl who has not one but TWO coupon organizers with me at all times. I'll admit that I am a bit obsessed with finding good deals, but I'm addicted to the rush of finding a great deal! 

As you already know, I'm a bit addicted to fashion and beauty products as well as getting mail, so online shopping is a major temptation for me. I recently found a great new website, Zestii, to help me fulfill my addiction to online shopping while still saving money!

Zestii is a site similar to Ebates except it's focused on beauty and fashion products. By using Zestii as a search engine for your favorite products/brands/stores, you'll earn up to 10.5% of what you purchased back in cash or credits to Zestii! I've clicked around the site for several days now, and I'm already planning so many future purchases! 

How It Works

1. Make a free account on Zestii - Definitely do this ASAP because they have a promotion going on right now where all new members get a free $5 credit to their account!

2. You can either search for a specific item, brand, or store through their search engine or through their shopping gallery.

3. Zestii will lead you to your store's main page, and they track your purchase

4. Based on the store, you'll receive up to 10.5% of what you spent back in either credits to Zestii or CASH!

Just as an example, here are a few of the stores available on Zestii and the percentages of your purchases that you can get back in cash! There are literally hundreds of stores on Zestii, so I can't list them all, but here are some of my favorites for beauty and fashion products!

3.5% on Sephora
7% on
7% on Beauty Bar
5.6% on Folica
3.5% on ShopBop
 2.1% on Bloomingdales
5.9% on Tory Burch
2.9% on Jack Rogers

Overall, I highly recommend Zestii, and I'm SO excited to start shopping through their site! Try to take advantage of their new member promotion and get a free $5 credit for joining! 

I am a huge fan of online shopping, especially discount online shopping, so look forward to a blog post on all of my favorite online discount stores tomorrow! You'll definitely see Zestii on the list :)

FTC Disclaimer: I am being compensated for this review; however, all opinions stated are my 100% honest opinion. I am a huge fan of Zestii, and I am thrilled about this new website!


  1. Looks very cool. I will have to check it out. I just found your blog today...I will be following.

    ~The Glamorous Army Wife

  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. Must check it out for myself. ♥

  3. Hey thanks for the follow and the sweet comment! I've actually never heard of Zestii but your love of couponing reminded me of that new show...extreme couponing?? Anyways, I don't know if you've seen it yet but I'm OBSESSED!

    Have a great night!


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