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Hollywood Fashion Secrets + Giveaway Announcement

In May, I was lucky enough to work on a commercial, and the woman running the wardrobe for the shoot introduced me to the most amazing product- Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape. The shirt that I was wearing was a bit too tight around the bust, so there was a noticeable gap in between the buttons. One strip of fashion tape eliminated the gap and kept it closed for the rest of the day. I immediately knew that this product would be a huge lifesaver for everyday, but I knew that I needed to get some immediately for my wedding!

I recently had the most amazing opportunity to try a few of Hollywood Fashion Secrets other products, and I think my life has been changed forever. Seriously. I'm pretty sure they have a solution for almost every fashion dilemma! Here's a review of the various products that I tried. 


 The fashion tape is Hollywood's signature product, and once you've tried it you'll understand why. It's basically a type of double-stick tape suitable for skin and fabrics. Simply peel off one side of the tape, apply the tape to your clothing item, remove the other side of the tape's backing, and adhere the tape to your skin or the other side of the clothing item.

The strips are several inches wide, and they're very easy to use!

 I've personally used Fashion Tape for closing the gaps in a button-down shirt that's too tight around the bust as well as helping to hide bra straps, but my favorite use was on my wedding day! My wedding dress was strapless, and the bust featured heavy beading and jewels. While it was very beautiful, I was terrified that the top would fall throughout the night. A few strips of Fashion Tape saved the day and eliminated any problems!

The temporary hem tape is amazing for adjusting pant lengths for use with various shoes. While your favorite jeans might be the right length with heels, they may drag on the floor in sandals. I found the hem tape extremely easy to use because it's as simple as trying on the pants and marking the desired change in length, turning them inside out, attaching the tape to pants and attaching both sides to the fabric, and finally turning the pants right side out again.

The hem tape looks similar to the fashion tape. It's a great quick fix for pants, and I'm sure it would be just as great to use on dresses or to quickly patch up a hole in an outfit!

Image Credit to Hollywood Fashion Secrets. My package was left in the trashcan of a Carnival cruise ship on my honeymoon :)

The bra converting clip is one of my favorite products of the bunch! I have always had a problem with the straps of shirts and dresses being way too long, leaving my shirts and dresses far too low cut. I normally use hair ties (shhh, don't tell!) to shorten the straps, but this leaves a bulky and embarrassing look in the back. The bra converting clips come in a pack, and they are a small circle with a hole on each side. The middle strip moves to allow you to push the straps into the circle to shorten the length. 
Unfortunately, I found it quite impossible to take a picture of my back, so the picture is via Hollywood Fashion Secret's website.

The clips were a huge lifesaver during my honeymoon trip. All of the sundresses I wore on the islands had straps that were far too long, and the bra converting clips were an easy and discrete solution to my problem. My personal favorite is the clear circles, because they can barely be detected to their clear coloring.

I really love this product. It's basically half of a stretchy black belt with clips on either side. My favorite use for the hip hugger is to cinch the waist of loose blouses or dresses to create a more hourglass silhouette.

The hip hugger can also be used to tighten the waist of pants, jeans, or shorts! I have a pair of jeans that are a perfect fit in the butt and thighs, but the waist is a bit loose. Attaching the hip hugger reduces the pants' waist and helps me achieve a perfect fit. It would be really fun to have these come in various colors to coordinate with outfits, but the black is really versatile!
I'll admit I was skeptical about this product when I first saw the package. Basically, they're thin cotton pads with adhesive one side meant to be warn under your shirts, sweaters, or dresses to prevent sweat stains.

After using the product, I actually think they're great for hot summer months if you're wearing the right type of clothing. These garment shields are great for thick, durable fabrics that can hide the shield; however, I would not try to wear these with thin or delicate fabrics mainly because they might be noticeable. 

The CoverUps are amazing for the summer! I have so many dresses and tops with strange necklines or low backs that make it impossible to wear a bra. The CoverUps cover only the, well, the essential parts and are self-adhesive for up to 25 usages.
For some reason, it was impossible to take a picture of these. My apartment's lighting was dull due to the rain, and it made them glow a bright white even after editing! Photo credit to Hollywood Fashion Secrets

I wore the CoverUps on my honeymoon under several low cut tops and had great results- no slipping, and they're pretty comfortable! I thought that it might look lumpy or unnatural, but it just looked like I had a bra on !

Overall, I'm a HUGE fan of all of the Hollywood Fashion Secrets line products that I've tried. All of the products were extremely high quality at a a reasonable price. Be sure to check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter for more information on their complete line of products and to find a store that sells their products near you.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets is having an AMAZING giveaway on their Facebook page! Like Hollywood Fashion Secrets on Facebook, and you'll have the opportunity to win an incredible gift package valued at $100.00!

The prize pack includes a super cute summer tote, beach towel, and a collection of Hollywood Fashion Secrets' product line, including bra clips, garment shields, fashion tape, accesory dots, oil blotting tissues, and silicone coverups! Make sure you visit their Facebook page and check out this incredible giveaway!

Let me know if you've tried any Hollywood Fashion Secrets products or if you enter the giveaway :)

FTC Disclaimer: Products were sent for review; however, all opinions expressed are 100% honest and genuine.


  1. I just discovered your lovely blog. I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I'm just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty. and one on everything coastal
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  2. great post! got ur comment on my blog about ur giveaway..
    i don't think i'm interested with the prizes at the moment.. not exactly a bride-to-be :)

  3. Thanks for the tip! I just found your blog and followed it! It is so adorable =]

  4. wow these sound fab! They seem to have a fix for almost every problem a girl can have. I really like the look of the bra converting clip

    Alice x

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