Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Julep Maven

It's no secret that I'm a nail polish addict, and I'm a huge sucker for deals. When I found out about the Julep Maven program, I knew it was a perfect fit. Julep is an upscale nail brand with amazing colors, but at $14.00 a bottle, it's a bit expensive. With the Julep Maven program, you get 2 full-size polishes, another full-size foot/nail product, and samples with free shipping. I've seen other Julep Maven boxes with over $60 worth of products. 

Here's a video with more information about the program

Normally, the boxes are $19.99, which is a great deal, but right now you can get a box for $10.00 with the discount code smh9oxu . You can also refer your friends and get a $15 credit for each friend that signs up for the program.

You can find out more information and sign up here! Don't forget to use the discount code smh9oxu for 50% off :)

I'm so excited to get my first box, and I'll be sure to do a post with pictures to show you what I got!


  1. They have cute colors and what an amazing deal. Thanks for informing us :)

  2. wow so exciting :) i may try this!


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